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  Water Drawing machine


Low carbon steel wire

Inlet wire tensile strength: ≤550Mpa

Inlet wire diameter range: φ2.2-1.2mm

Outlet wire diameter range: φ0.65-0.35mm

Total compression rate: 89.67%

Average compression rate: 14.04%

Speed:420 m/min


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  Straight Line Drawing machine


Main technical parameter ( key points)

Max. entering (steel) wire strength:≥1000MPa

Max. entering (steel) wire dia.:Ф 2.8mm

Min. exiting (steel) wire dia.:Ф 0.8mm

Pulling steel wire material:low carbon steel wire

Max. steel wire drawing speed: 16m/s ( Normal using speed: 14m /s

Water volume : 8m3/h (Water pressure ≥0.25MPa

Air volume: 3.5m3/h (Air pressure ≥0.6MPa

Motors:①drawing unit: 11KW AC freq. con. motor

②Take-Up unit: 11KW AC freq. con. motor

Drum of drawing machine

① material:steel ZG45~55, hardness alloy tungsten carbide is spraying-painted on working surface, with HRC60, roughness ≤1.6Ra.

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  Pully tapy drawing machine


min. output diameter: 2.0mm


max. input diameter:6.5mm


diameter of drums:550mm-600mm


drawing speed: 120-216m/min


mould number: 2-5 pcs


lubricant type:drawing powder


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Pully tapy drawing machine

Pully tapy drawing machine

Pully tapy drawing machine



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